What is Hong Kong Tourist Pass?

Hong Kong Tourist Pass is an App based Tourist Pass for Hong Kong (Duh..) - We, the HKTP team were sick of travelling to a new city or a country to find out how hard is it to plan and manage everything. We always wished for a convenient way, at least something which saves us the precious time we have instead of figuring out our transportation, internet connection, buying and queuing up for attraction tickets, figuring out where to eat or shop and of course, we might need some assistance and what about travel insurance?

So... Why Hong Kong Tourist Pass?

This can be the easiest question we can answer! To be honest, Why not? See what is on offer and decide it for yourself! We won't force you, we promise!

Hong Kong Tourist Pass comes in: 


With Hong Kong Tourist Pass you:

  • Save HK$1,700 per Tourist Pass compared to if you are purchasing everything individually 
  • You spend HK$700 per day on average with Hong Kong Tourist Pass
  • Unlimited Public Transport (MTR, Buses, Ferry & Tram)
  • Private Airport to Hotel Transfer
  • Unlimited Super Fast 4G WiFi Dongle
  • Queue-less Access to Hong Kong's Top 13 Attractions
  • Unlimited Hong Kong Museum Pass
  • Complimentary Hong Kong Travel Insurance
  • Access 150+ restaurants for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily
  • Hong Kong Tourist Pass saves you 15 hours of planning, travelling and queuing up time
  • You get 24/7 Support over WhatsApp & WeChat from an ACTUAL HUMAN
  • In case of emergency, we will help you arrange anything you need and since you are covered by our Travel Insurance, we make sure you receive the best compensation.
  • We work with the Attractions, Restaurants, Transport companies and other service providers to make sure you have a great time in Hong Kong.

More about Hong Kong?

Other Ways You Can Help

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$499.00 3 Days Hong Kong Tourist Pass
3 Days Tourist Pass

Your 3 Days Tourist Pass Includes all of the above listed Services & Attractions.

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$599.00 5 Days Hong KOng Tourist Pass
5 Days Tourist Pass

Your 5 Days Tourist Pass Includes all of the above listed Services & Attractions.

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$699.00 7 Days Hong Kong Tourist Pass
7 Days Tourist Pass

Your 7 Days Tourist Pass Includes all of the above listed Services & Attractions.

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